Every piece of jewellery tells a story,.

About Us

FMN Jewellery was created by me Demi. When I was growing up I always loved playing with jewellery trying it on and pretending to be someone else. That has always stuck with me however now when I put my jewellery on I feel confident, I feel empowered. I wanted to share this with people like me and share the same emotions.

Empowered, Confident, Individual


Our Mission

FMN is a jewellery brand that promotes transparency and quality within the fashion jewellery industry. With our wide selection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, it’s easy to find them all important gifts or something to treasure.

Our Customer Promise

At FMN our customers are the best and we appreciate them so much. That's why we created our customer promise.

We promise to be honest, trustworthy and forever gratefully to each and every order we receive.


About Me

My name is Demi and I am the owner of FMN Jewellery. I am a one woman band so everything you see is all me, from the marketing, products, packaging, photographs that's me. I also have a little girl called Ella-Rae who was born during the Covid-19 pandemic. Everything I do is to make her future amazing.

I absolutely love jewellery (if you couldn't tell) that's why I set up FMN. I love the way jewellery makes me feel when I put it on. Empowered, Confident and individual. I would be lost if I didn't wear any.

'Every piece of jewellery tells a story'


Our Products

All our jewellery is either sterling silver or silver plated. All our products have the materials in the their description.